Lawn Care

Phantom Hydrangea

Huge easy-care shrub that holds its flowers upright on strong stems

This versatile shrub thrives in the sun or shade and holds its massive 15-inch flowers on strong cutting stems—so they don’t flop over. In early summer, blooms start out white with a lime green tint, transition to a creamy white, and in the fall, fade to a light blush pink. They’re breathtaking no matter what stage they’re in!

Because it can grow to a massive 10 feet tall, it makes a great backdrop for other plants, or even a pretty screen to block an unsightly view.

Heads up! Don’t plant near trees in the walnut family. This plant is sensitive to juglone, a compound walnut trees produce that makes it hard for other plants to grow around them.

Sunlight Exposure: Full sun to part shade            Mature Spread: 6-10ft.
Growing Rate: Rapid                                          Bloom Color: Start white, then turn pink

Mature Height: 6-10ft.                                      Foliage Color: Green.