Lifestyle Review: Is MasterClass Worth It?

What is MasterClass?

David Rogier, a Stanford undergraduate, founded MasterClass in 2014 (previously under the name Yanka Industries, Inc.), and with just three instructors, it debuted its website the following May. Later, twelve more classes were added in 2017, and by 2018, the number had dramatically increased to 50.

In a series of top-notch video lectures, famous experts and celebrity teachers teach MasterClass courses. Typically, these courses include a companion workbook that is easily downloaded and printed for additional reference.

Each course has between two and four hours of video, broken up into 10 to fifteen-minute single-class lectures.

Sessions by MasterClass, a new learning tool, was launched by MasterClass in 2021. Previously, each class had its unique web portal called “The Hub” where students could communicate with other students and MasterClass moderators to advance their knowledge or ask questions.

How much does MasterClass cost?

The masterClass started experimenting with several subscription options in 2021 in addition to their initial flat-rate annual membership of $180. They ultimately chose a new, affordable three-tier MasterClass pricing structure for their yearly subscription:

  • Individual – $180 per year (average $15 per month)
  • Duo – $240 per year (average $20 per month)
  • Family – $276 per year (average $23 per month)
  • The Individual membership, formerly known as the “Standard Plan,” is ideal for single people who choose to learn online at home. Couples would benefit more from the Duo (formerly the “Plus Plan”) and Family (previously the “Premium Plan”) plans because MasterClass permits simultaneous viewing on several devices. (Netflix subscription plans have comparable limitations.)
  • People who might want to watch MasterClass on their commute to work without using up much of their data may find it handy to have the option to download video lessons for offline watching. Users have the option to do it with the Plus and Premium plans.
    I choose the $180 annual option because I take an average of one MasterClass per month, lowering my expense.
  • For instance, if you and your partner decided to split a MasterClass subscription under the Plus plan, you could each take five writing courses to improve your creative writing abilities (I suggest Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Gladwell, and Margaret Atwood), while your partner could take five cooking courses. Ten classes for $240 works out to $24 per course, which is still a great deal in my book.
  • At a later time, you can always change your subscription level. Make a sensible plan first, then move forward from there. The nice aspect is that MasterClass offers unrestricted access to all of its courses regardless of which subscription package you select. Obtain a MasterClass membership and watch some Martin Scorsese or Jodie Foster filmmaking courses if you recently finished binge-watching Game of Thrones.
  • If you’re wondering whether MasterClass offers group or bulk licensing, the answer is yes. Yes, it is the answer. You or your company/organization can choose between 5 and 1,000 seats with MasterClass at Work to distribute among your staff/members. To enroll, just get in touch with the MasterClass sales staff. Discounts from MasterClass at Work range from 5 to 35% based on the order’s amount.

An honest MasterClass review

  • Let’s break down the MasterClass experience and address some frequently asked questions now that the cost and other formalities have been addressed.
    Getting around and Finding Your Way
  • As I’ve already indicated, MasterClass has a huge selection of classes—over 150 as of this writing—and adds new courses each month. However, when there are too many options available, humans struggle to make decisions (I discovered this in Dan Pink’s sales masterclass).
  • Finding out the course you want to take initially is, however, fairly simple. You will be required to complete an optional questionnaire when you sign up that will aid in focusing your search. If you want, you can skip this step and go straight to the Library Search page, where you can browse more than eleven categories or seek up themes.
  • The master class will keep suggesting classes that match your interests as you enroll in more.
  • The Netflix of distance learning
    MasterClass and Netflix are frequently contrasted because of the latter’s superior production values and binge-ability.
  • The videos from MasterClass are not a collection of shaky Zoom recordings. Real film industry professionals are used by MasterClass to light, film, and edit high-quality video lessons.
    Discovering the coolest backgrounds for their instructors is MasterClass’s hidden weapon. On occasion, MasterClass instructors host movies at their homes (for example Alice Waters).
  • MasterClass occasionally sets its instructors in a venue to aid in creating a learning environment.
  • It undoubtedly enhances the watching experience significantly (would you want to watch someone talk to a blank wall for 4 hours?).
  • Each MasterClass includes a professionally designed workbook that may be downloaded for individual use in addition to the high-quality video. Each workbook is distinct and uses a consistent design that suits the instructor. (Again, would you prefer 60 pages of boring PowerPoint slides?)

New Feature: MasterClass Playlists

The majority of the time, I include a condensed lesson plan of the course’s most significant lessons with each of my personalized MasterClass reviews. With the launch of their most recent feature, MasterClass Playlists, MasterClass advanced my idea.

Each playlist is a compilation of brief videos from various courses on a specific topic. For instance, a playlist called Total Wellness features songs by artists like Jon Kabat-Zinn, Matthew Walker, and RuPaul. Another is authored by Anna Wintour and is titled The Best of Anna Wintour.

Reasons to invest in a MasterClass subscription

Who has time to read 4,000+ word essays? If you’ve only scanned this article so far, I can understand; let me now tell you seven reasons why getting a MasterClass subscription is in your best interests.

  1. Learn from the best instructors in a variety of fields
  2. Content is enjoyable to watch
  3. Discover new subjects worth exploring
  4. You can’t beat the cost
  5. Courses are split up into easily digestible video lessons
  6. Knowledge improves your well-being
  7. More classes are added every month