Lawn Care

Honeycomb Butterfly Bush

A low-maintenance, continuous bloomer for natural-looking landscapes

As its name suggests, there’s more to Honeycomb than its lovely, orange-eyed yellow flowers—it also smells like honey! With its towering height (it can grow up to 12 feet), it’s a great background shrub for big borders or a statement plant to draw the eye in the garden. Sun loving and winter hardy, it should be cut back in the winter and deadheaded regularly if you want more blooms.

It attracts butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators in droves, so place it where you can see the action and enjoy the sunny color of the flowers.

Sunlight Exposure: Full sun

Mature Spread: 4-8ft

Growing Rate: Moderate

Mature Height: 5-12ft.

Bloom Color: Yellow

Foliage Color: Green