Five Below: The Discount Retailer that’s Captivating Young Shoppers


Five Below should be on your radar if you’re looking for stylish things that won’t break the bank. Everything in the store is priced at $5 or less, as the name would imply. Young consumers, who enjoy finding unusual, affordable goods to show their style, have taken a shine to this idea.

David Schlessinger and Tom Vellios, two retail industry veterans who noticed a need for a store that specialized for teenagers and pre-teens, created Five Below in 2002. The first location of the business debuted in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and it quickly became popular. There are currently more than 1,000 Five Below locations across the country, and there are plans to add more.

The product variety at Five Below distinguishes them from other budget merchants. Five Below offers a large selection of things that appeal to young people, while many dollar stores concentrate on generic items like food and cleaning supplies. The shop often updates its inventory to stay on top of the most recent trends, including phone cases, fidget spinners, and makeup. This implies that every time they buy, customers are guaranteed to discover something fresh and interesting.

The design of the store is another feature that distinguishes Five Below. The lively environment that is created by vibrant colors and cheerful music is ideal for its intended audience. Customers may easily find what they’re looking for because the stores are arranged by category. The business also makes investments in attractive signage and displays that entice clients and motivate them to explore.

In addition to offering affordable goods that are in style, Five Below has earned a reputation as a socially conscious business. To give back to the community, it collaborates with a range of philanthropic organizations. For instance, the company’s Five Below Foundation has given more than $200 million to regional educational institutions and youth organizations. It has also committed to sustainability by adopting eco-friendly packaging and lowering its carbon footprint.


Product categories

Five Below offers a wide range of products, all priced at five dollars or less. The store is known for staying on top of the latest trends and offering a constantly changing inventory of products that appeal to young people. Some of the product categories you can find at Five Below include:

  • Tech accessories: Five Below offers a variety of phone cases, chargers, headphones, and other tech accessories that are both functional and stylish.

  • Beauty and personal care: You can find makeup, skincare, hair care, and other personal care products at Five Below.

  • Toys and games: Five Below has a great selection of toys and games for kids of all ages, including board games, puzzles, action figures, and stuffed animals.

  • Home decor: You can find affordable and stylish home decor items at Five Below, including wall art, throw pillows, and candles.

  • Sports and fitness: Five Below offers a variety of sports equipment and fitness accessories, such as yoga mats, resistance bands, and sports balls.

  • Party supplies: You can find everything you need to throw a great party at Five Below, including balloons, streamers, and party favors.

  • Snacks and candy: Five Below has a selection of snacks and candy, including popular brands and unique flavors.

Overall, Five Below offers a wide variety of products that cater to its target demographic of teenagers and pre-teens who are looking for fun, affordable, and trendy products.


Key Features of Five Below:

The key features of Five Below are:

  • Everything is priced at five dollars or less: Five Below’s pricing strategy is what sets it apart from other retailers. Customers can find a wide variety of trendy and unique products, from phone cases to fidget spinners to makeup, all for five dollars or less.
  • Targeted towards teenagers and pre-teens: Five Below’s target demographic is teenagers and pre-teens who are looking for fun and affordable products that fit their style.
  • Trendy product selection: Five Below offers a constantly changing inventory of products that appeal to young people. The store is known for staying on top of the latest trends and offering a wide variety of unique and exciting items.
  • Fun and energetic store atmosphere: Five Below’s stores are designed to create a fun and energetic atmosphere that appeals to its target demographic. The bright colors, upbeat music, and eye-catching displays make it a fun place to shop.
  • Socially responsible: Five Below commits to giving back to the community. It partners with a variety of charitable organizations and has donated over $200 million to local schools and youth organizations through its Five Below Foundation. It also commits to sustainability and uses eco-friendly packaging.
  • Innovation: Five Below is always looking for ways to innovate and stay relevant in a rapidly changing retail landscape. It has expanded its product offerings to include higher-priced items like electronics and beauty products and has experimented with new store formats such as the “10 Below” concept.



In conclusion, by providing young people with an enjoyable and cost-effective shopping experience, Five Below has carved out a distinct niche in the bargain retail industry. It has a devoted following because of its dedication to keeping up with the most recent trends and contributing to the community. Five Below is a retailer that is here to stay given its aspirations to keep growing.