9 Pros & 4 Cons of Using NordVPN

When it comes to online privacy and security, Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes into the picture. In today’s world, online security has become very essential as many fraudulent activities are going over the Web. One can get an access to your data through some technical means, or retrieve the information through your IP address. In such a scenario, VPN comes to your rescue by shielding your online activities from online hackers, or for any random purpose. It is one of the best online services to protect your online data from hackers. You can attain optimum level of privacy by using VPN service. It also helps you to obtain access to geo-restricted online content.


Today, one can find a good number of VPN service providers online. But, it’s very difficult to find a credible, trustworthy and fastest VPN service provider. NordVPN is one of the finest and safest VPN service provider in the online world which offers seamless, super private and speedy service without causing a dent in your pocket. NordVPN features are very extensive and versatile.

About NordVPN

It is one of the popular names in the VPN business. It started out in 2012 in Panama. Within a short period of time, it achieved a lot of success by offering incredible and exclusive VPN services. Currently, it is managing over 5000 servers across 59 countries. NordVPN benefits are many.

Let’s quickly take a look at 9 pros of NordVPN

  • Unmatched privacy and security

NordVPN is based in Panama which makes it better than other VPN service providers. Actually, the country has no data retention laws, and the government also doesn’t pay much attention to Internet surveillance. Thus, it doesn’t require to retain users’ activities logs, and one can enjoy full-proof privacy. In addition, it offers incredibly secure encryption standards, such as 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

  • Zero DNS leakages

It is very important for any VPN to mask your real IP. After all, it is the only purpose of using VPN service. Thus, NordVPN completely masks your real IP so that you can enjoy private online browsing experience.

  • Double protection & double VPN that you get with NordVPN

NordVPN exclusively offers this revolutionary feature of double VPN which is going to help you to connect two VPN servers with an extra layer of protection. Once your device is connected to the first VPN server, then it connects to the second VPN server before taking you to the final destination. Thus, you will get a double layer of protection and privacy, and it will be very tough for hackers to hack your information online.


  • One can connect over 6 devices while using NordVPN.

Some people love to have solid VPN service on multiple devices to connect to multiple platforms. If you are one such person, then NordVPN is your cup of tea. It gives you the privilege to connect over 6 devices at a time per count. You can easily secure all your 6 devices at the same time through one router.

  • Blazing fast speed round the clock

This is another incredible feature of NordVPN. At every location, the NordVPN performs incredibly. The speeds are highly impressive, and one can easily get over 450 Mbps throughout. One can stream YouTube content at 2k and 4k HD without facing any kind of lag.

  • It has over 5000 servers in 59 countries

NordVPN has earned a reputation of being one of the largest VPN service providers with over 5000 servers in 59 countries. Half of them are based in the US followed by Europe. Thus, one can easily get an instant access to geo-restricted sites.

  • Affordable pricing and packages

NordVPN doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket with it’s highly affordable packages and pricing. One can opt for 3-year subscription, or 2-year contract plan at just $4.99 per month. On top of that, one can also get a privilege of a 30-day money-back guarantee without any strings attached.

  • Multiple payment methods

NordVPN also accepts cryptocurrencies and cash at some locations. The US citizens can pay by cash at Fry’s Electronics or Micro Center. If you keen to pay by cryptocurrencies then you can pay through Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.


  • Netflix support

Netflix often blocks users via VPN services. However, through NordVPN is making consistent efforts for users to access Netflix content.


No doubt, NordVPN has more pros than cons. Let’s take a quick look at only 4 cons that we have found.

  • Not all servers support torrenting

While using NordVPN, you might not perform torrenting through all it’s servers. Although it’s good for some that it doesn’t support torrenting, but if you are a torrenting fan then it’s restricted to only a few servers.

  • You might face slow app and server connections

While using NordVPN, the client app for the Windows that NordVPN offers, you might face some lag. It will take over 30 seconds to establish the connection, without including the time client takes to load the content.

  • NordVPN’s openVPN configuration is quite complicated

If you want to use OpenVPN, or some other protocol, then it’s quite a daunting process. You have to download NordVPN’s ZIP file which has the configuration file for every server offered by the NordVPN. Then every server comes with two configurations, for TCP and UDP each. Thus, in ZIP archive, you will get over 8000 configuration files, and it takes a lot of time to find a configuration file server.

  • It’s Malaysian server performs very badly

The speeds of Malaysian server are very poor. It’s shocking to get 11 Mbps speeds at any point of the day. It’s very disappointing.


Final Thoughts

NordVPN benefits are more than the cons. Undoubtedly, it offers more pros than cons. In terms of privacy, speeds and security, it outshines every other VPN service provider. The best part is that it offers 3-year package at a very jaw-dropping rate along with 30-days trial period. Thus, it is highly recommended to all those who are seeking a reliable and consistent VPN service provider in today’s time. It will not disappoint them at all.


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