360 Total Security Review | Features, Benefits, Pricing Analysis

360 Total Security is a cybersecurity solution designed for Windows computers. It offers various security features to protect your device against various threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and more.

The software provides real-time protection that scans your computer continuously for potential threats and blocks them before they can cause harm. It also features an Internet protection module that monitors your web browsing and blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts.

In addition to security features, 360 Total Security also includes performance optimization tools such as System Cleaner, Startup Booster, and Wi-Fi checker, which can help improve the speed and stability of your computer. The System Repair module can help fix any system problems that might arise from malware infections or other security issues.

360 Total Security is free software and is widely used for basic antivirus protection. It provides a simple and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both novice and advanced users.


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  • WiFi Security Check
  • Plate Analyzer
  • Information Shredder
  • Driver Updater
  • Firewall
  • Protection Cleaner
  • Against Ransomware
  • Sandbox
  • Various Engine Protection
  • Against Virus
  • Secure Online Shopping
  • Web Protection
  • Fix Up
  • Framework Protection
  • Planned Clean Up
  • Framework Speed Up
  • Against Malware
  • Security Protection
  • Framework Clean Up


Web Protection

The program not only protects your archive but also enables you to browse the web without worrying about infections. Additionally, it ensures that your login information isn’t recorded through console keystrokes and that your webcam is secure from hackers and spies. In conclusion, 360 Total Security filters downloaded data, offers protection from vengeful websites, and keeps online users secure.


The central component of this security suite is antivirus insurance, but Avira and Bit Defender are the true powerhouses behind it. That is fantastic news for those who require trustworthy assurance: both of these scanners have performed remarkably well in free surveys.


Three options for analysis are available: a rapid output (which is quick; my own took less than five minutes), a custom sweep, and a full framework filter. There is also an underneath Patch-Up feature that automatically examines your introduced projects to make sure they are not outdated or vulnerable. Details of the redesign and a link to download the new form will appear if the system recognizes software that has an available update.

This is a remarkable feature—outdated software is a goldmine for programmers (67% of the PCs affected by the WannaCry attack were running an outdated version of Windows). After running, the program looks for additional “framework anomalies” in addition to the vulnerability scanner. As a result, it announced a “special label URL route symbol” and resolved it right away throughout my test.



There is more to Qihoo 360 Total Security than just an infection scanner. By removing superfluous startup programs and files, the thorough speedup and cleanup tools enhance the state of your foundation. Additionally, a handy depiction of your system’s typical boot time makes it simple to monitor your progress as you disable unnecessary startup services (which can significantly increase your system’s stacking time).


If the speedup tools that come pre-built aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, Total Security also offers a “Manual” menu that allows you control over the settings for the system. Finally, the “history” boards let you see if your framework streamlining settings have changed over time. These tools blend seamlessly with the “booked cleanup” job.

A virtual sandbox environment for securely analyzing potentially harmful projects, a virtual vault for storing passwords, and a ransomware decoding tool are additional online security tools. The information shredder is free initially on the basic plan and is permanently accessible with the Premium redesign. This gadget serves as a second line of defense against the threat to network security by attempting to decrypt the encryption used by ransomware to secure access to your documents and registries.




A moderately direct, two-venture measure is included while downloading Qihoo 360 Total Security (an executable is downloaded from the site, which in this way downloads the definitions and parts that the program needs to run). I like how some of the supplemental modules (like the ransomware unscrambling tool) are left out of the case and must be downloaded once the basic installation is complete. The size and pace of the underlying download are often kept within reason thanks to this aid. The device is quite easy to use once set up. Customers are kept informed about system warnings by a notification icon that doesn’t interfere, and the “tool stash” menu gives access to several additional tools. Overall, this is a well-planned event.



Since Qihoo 360 Total Security is a completely free program, it is a sense that the support materials are less comprehensive than those from a paid title. All things considered, the company provides a crucial online Q&A to assist customers in resolving straightforward challenges, such as establishment or physically updating the infection definitions. But customers who have upgraded to Qihoo 360 Total Security Premium must access the email tagging system because phone and live visit support are both conspicuously absent.



There is nothing negative to say about the price of Qihoo 360 Total Security because it is completely free!

However, the company offers a Premium upgrade that grants access to additional tools including a firewall manager, a security cleaner, an in-app advertisement remover, and primary goal support (which offers email tagging). It makes sense to assess 360 Total Security Premium, especially when purchased at the three-year, three-device level. Additionally, premium plans have a 30-day unconditional guarantee.



Bottom Line

Qihoo 360 Total Security provides a wealth of web-accessing, infection-eradicating tools. In terms of assistance, things are a tiny bit worse, but that is only the case with the free arrangement, so there isn’t much to complain about.