10 Magical Things You Can Do With SEMRush To Boost Your Traffic

Every online business growth depends on its success and at what level it is reaching the audience. Not many people are able to boost the traffic of their online business. To make it easier, SEMrush SEO tool is the best in the market to help you in enhancing online visibility as well as marketing insights.

It basically will help you in managing SEO and content marketing without making much effort. The platform is loaded with some of the most effective features and tools that will help you to optimize your entire marketing strategy. The platform will miraculously improve traffic and search rankings of your website.

Here are some impressive and mind-boggling SEMrush features that will surely help you to improve traffic on your website, and create a big influence on search rankings.

  1. Discover lengthy keywords

The top-secret for SEO success is keyword research. Make sure to list out most-successful keywords for your website in order to create a sturdy SEO strategy. It is always beneficial to start with keywords that have low competition and the probability of high traffic. In this case, SEMrush provides you with an effective Keyword Magic Tool that benefits in building impressive SEO campaigns. It will help you to create an impressive and effective SEO as well as PPC campaign. With this incredible tool, one can easily produce hundreds of long-tail keywords for seed keywords.

  1. Recognize content opportunities through competitor’s extraordinary performing pages

You cannot miss this element of analyzing competitors. It will benefit you in the marketing campaign. SEMrush is beneficial in offering tools as well as features that will discover insights from competitor’s websites. Thus, by following this action you will be able to build your own strategy of content. Also, there will be better access to attractive backlinks. The platform has some special tabs, such as, Domain Overview, Organic Research, and Pages to get all the details of your competitors highest performing pages, and the exact percentage of natural traffic that the pages produces on a daily basis. The entire process will help you to execute an apt marketing and content strategy to give touch competition to your competitors.

  1. Regain your vanished backlinks

It’s heartbreaking to work on high ability backlinks and suddenly they vanish without any caveat. But there’s nothing to worry about when you have SEMrush with you. This tool is great in regaining all the vanished backlinks within a short period of time.

  1. Recognize best organic competitors

Living in a competitive world but not being aware of your competitors is a bit foolish.  Thus, it is necessary to recognize the organic competitors competing in the search engine. They are also in competition with the domain you are working on for the impressive keywords of your niche. SEMrush is helpful in identifying these competitors.

  1. Keep a check on keyword ranks in SERPs

It is crucial to grab a top place in SERPs and this can only be done by keeping a check on keyword ranks on search engines. SEMrush helps you in adding keywords in a list that you want to track. Thus, its daily or weekly rank growth on the various device will benefit to grow at SERPs. The platform comes with an effective tool, Position Tracking Tool with which you can track target keywords.

  1. Discover your opponent’s ad tactics

No doubt SEMrush is remarkable for SEO insights but very few know that it is an incredible advertising tool as well. The most overlooked tool at SEMrush is Display Advertising. This tool helps in discovering a competitive domain’s tactics placed over GDN. You can easily access all the backstage preview of your competitor’s GDN strategies in real time. The report will come up with a few important things that you need to review.

Audience Targeting: age, gender

Top Audience Interests: Different genres, including entertainment, media, sports, fitness etc.

Publishers: A list of the best sites that are publishing the advertiser’s display ads.

Display Ads by Countries: A complete bifurcation of countries running the display ads.

Ad Types: Format, including text, HTML, image

Display Ads by Device: Different devices, including tablets, phones, desktop.

  1. Find new link making opportunities

SEMrush’s Backline gap tool is pretty impressive in finding backlink profiles of at least 5 opponents. This is the best way to find untapped link making opportunities. The backline gap tool makes sure that you are ahead of your opponent in the business.

  1. Disavow the toxic backlinks

Till now it is obvious to understand that how important backlinks are for your website. But toxic backlinks can completely ruin the growth of the site which is why it is essential to disavow them. To create new backlinks, and to disavow bad ones, you just have to upload a text file which must contain toxic domains to Google’s Disavow Links Tool. This can be done by SEMrush’s Backlink Audit Tool will aid you in removing all the toxic backlinks from the website.

  1. Fix serious SEO errors for high search ranking

The Site Audit Tool by SEMrush is the only way you can fix serious SEO errors on your website. It helps in identifying the errors and also offers solutions to fix them promptly. Thus, now you don’t have to worry about technical SEO problems with SEMrush.

  1. Optimization of content

The SEO Content Template by SEMrush is the best tool to optimize your content. It helps in creating content that is SEO friendly and offers template references on the basis of keywords. These references are provided from Google’s high ranked pages.

Final Verdict

SEMrush SEO tool is an extraordinary tool that identifies the trends occurring in your specific industry niche. It is way more beneficial in working on on-page SEO and improving it for a better growth rate.

Thus, through SEMrush features you will be able to know your page and work on it for superior lead generation, create an outstanding content and marketing strategy, and improve the traffic on your pages to manifolds.


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