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Uttar Pradesh: Controversial words of Narasimhanand – Madrasas should be blown up with gunpowder, India Jodo Yatra joke Latest Rags


Mahamandaleshwar Yeti Narasimhanand has once again given a controversial statement. Narasimhanand said that madrassas should be blown up with gunpowder, so that the virus can be removed from the minds of children. He also took a dig at Congress’s India Jodo Yatra. Yeti Narasimhanand had reached Aligarh in a program organized by the Hindu Mahasabha.

Rahul Gandhi’s India Jodo Yatra Joke
Yeti Narasimhanand, taking a vow to protect religion, said that Rahul Gandhi’s India Jodo Yatra is a joke. Rahul Gandhi is a friend of jihadis. He could not win in Uttar Pradesh and went to Kerala and contested the elections. He had a historic chance to unite India, but the Gandhi family ruined the country. If Rahul Gandhi wants to unite India, then go to Pakistan and Bangladesh, which was built by Mahatma Gandhi. First connect Pakistan and Bangladesh with India, by doing this everyone will join them.

There should not be an institution like a madrasa
Regarding the investigation of madrasas being conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government, Yeti Narasimhanand said that there should not be an institution like madrasa. All the madrasas there should be blown up with gunpowder. As China does, so should it be done here. All the students of madrasa should be sent to the camps. Yeti Narasimhanand said that like madrasas, AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) should also be blown up with gunpowder. All the people living in it should be sent to the detention center and get their brain treated.

Investigation of madrasas in UP
Let us inform that the investigation of madrasas in UP is being done. Its purpose is to improve their condition. Due to which children get modern education along with better education system. In view of the deteriorating condition of modern education of children, the officials who came to investigate in many districts, advised the teachers to emphasize on modern education. Also asked to improve the level of education further.