Lawn Care

Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush

Pretty blue-green foliage that shines in and out of fruiting season

Think you don’t have room to grow edible fruit? Think again! Sunshine Blue is sized just right for small gardens and yields plenty of blueberries to eat and share. It’s self-fertile, meaning you only need one to get a strong crop of fruit, but with multiple plants, you’ll attract pollinators (looking at you, bees!) and get a better harvest.

The dainty pink and white flowers are highly ornamental, so plant it where you can enjoy it: by a sunny patio, or along a path.

Heads up! Don’t plant near trees in the walnut family. This plant is sensitive to juglone, a compound walnut trees produce that makes it hard for other plants to grow around them.


Sunlight Exposure:- Full sun

Growing Rate:- Moderate

Mature Height:- 3-4ft.

Mature Spread:-3-4ft

Bloom Color:- Pink

Foliage Color:- Blue-green

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