See how NASA responds to Avengers: End Game Trailer

Twitter recently got flooded with tweets in context to requesting NASA to provide help to Iron Man. This might puzzle you, but it is exactly what happened just after the release of the Avengers End Game trailer.

Trailer showcased Tony Stark left with no food, water and zero promise of rescue.  Fans took the trailer way too seriously and immediately took up to NASA to rescue Iron Man. After all who else should the fans plead to if Iron Man is stuck in space?


After pleading to NASA, some of Stark’s fan took to Elon Musk. This happened after NASA didn’t show much interest in helping Iron Man.

Thankfully NASA did respond and reached out to Marvel on twitter and extended a helping hand.

True to our belief, NASA knows it all and also have a lead on Thor’s hammer.

What else do Avengers fans need? They were all grateful to NASA for its support!

We do not blame the fans, The Avengers is obviously the most awaited movie ever & such response is quite natural!


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