Lawn Care

Pet Patch Lawn Treatment for Spots

A pet spot solution that’s better for paws and planet

Love pets? And lawns? And pets on lawns? We do too! But we don’t love the inevitable urine spots. Our liquid lawn repair is formulated with hard-working soil remediation ingredients like humic acid, seaweed, and iron to wash away contaminants and revive damaged areas. Use it as a spot treatment or preventively!

  • 32 oz. pouch with hose-on sprayer
  • See results in just 21 days
  • Takes only 15 seconds to apply per spot
  • Covers approximately 50 large pet spots, or 2,500 sq. ft. when used preventively
  • No toxic pesticides
  • Powered by humic acid, seaweed, iron, potassium, and surfactant.