Oodie Mattress Pod


– Part pod chair, part mattress, all creamy-soft, Oodie comfort: The Oodie Mattress Pod is a giant foam chair that converts into a full size foam mattress. It’s perfect for guests staying over, movie nights at home, slumber parties, or just chilling in blissful, creamy-soft comfort.

– From pod chair to bed in seconds thanks to Matpod™ technology: With our specially designed Matpod technology, you can go from pod to bed in a snap. Simply unzip the cover for a bed. Fold and slide back into the cover to convert back to a pod chair.

– Cloud-like comfort thanks to Oodgrade™ inner foam: Get ready for the ultimate in snuggly comfort. Oodgrade inner foam is super soft and won’t compress over time. Seriously, Oodie Mattress Pods are like sitting in a giant, snuggly marshmallow.

– Super plush, buttery-soft outer fleece: It’s so soft, you’re going to feel like you’re hugging 100 baby koalas.

– FREE shipping Australia wide

Please note that this item is non-returnable for a change of mind.