8 Pictures Stating What Really True Beauty Is!


Beauty is a wide term and includes various definitions. People usually assume that flawless face, spotless skin & white complexion is the definition of beauty. But it actually isn’t. Beauty comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and also includes flaws. It is hard to believe but these 8 pictures prove this statement absolutely right.

Check out these pictures & you will surely understand the concept of beauty.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is quite popular for her beauty blogs. She has dark complexion & knows how to flaunt her beautiful skin. Looking at her pictures, its not difficult to ascertain that beauty is not at all about the color of the skin. She has set an example for all the dark skin women who found flaws in their own skin, to stay comfortable & find beauty within.

Kokie Childers

Kokie Childers is a woman with her face covered with spots & coiled her. As per Kokie, her uniqueness lies in the way she is & she accepts every part of her with grace & dignity.

Anna O Brien

This lady has proven that curvy is the new hot. She has become a source of inspiration for millions of women fighting with their own body & finding accepting themselves difficulty. She even has a book where she has spoken about self-acceptance & confidence.

Evita Delmundo

Evita has her entire body covered with moles in various sizes. Since childhood, she had been the center of attraction but not in a good way. Even after continuous criticism by the community, she kept her confidence high & proved that beauty lies in us & not in our skin. She even auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia, thus breaking the stereotypes all across the world.

Therese Hansson

Therese Hansson has been a victim of alopecia since the age of 14, but she chose not to play a victim. Instead she embraced what was given to her & made use of it like no one else. She believes in showing off what she has & inspires millions of girls with her amazing theory.

Sophie Morgan

Sophie has been on a wheelchair after a car crash due to paralysis. It must have been difficult for her to accept to this sudden change in her life. But she did not let this change dominate her beauty. In fact, she chose to stay happy & dominated her life with acceptance & happiness.

TK Quann

This girl has been loaded with mesmerizing bushy hair which are most likely difficult to manage. Its seriously hard for her to manage her long, thick mane but flaunting her mane perfectly is her cup of tea. She adorns her hair to increase her beauty & displays them in various styles, taking beauty game a notch higher.