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5 Inventions that will take you with complete AWE

Our lives have been made easier by the numerous discoveries and breakthroughs made by science. Every day brings with it new utility thanks to ongoing technological advancements & innovations.

We’ve gathered 9 fascinating ideas that are practical and will blow your head.

1. Amabrush

This particular kind of toothbrush aids in cleansing the teeth and mouth. It comes with a handpiece, mouthpiece, and toothpaste capsule. In just 10 seconds, it assists in cleaning the mouth thanks to its excellent vibrating action. The gadget is iOS and Android compatible and features several cleaning-specific modes.

2. Polarseal

This unique, lightweight sweater warms the body and provides heat in just 10 seconds. It may be used by anyone and is ideal for skiers or individuals who must remain outside in the cold. The benefits of this sweater are available to both men and women.

3. Vitastiq

It is an original tool for determining the number of vitamins and minerals in the human body. It functions with the aid of a smartphone application and resembles a pen. Simply run it over your hand to collect information on the vitamins and minerals your body contains. The tool can be quite useful in keeping track of your health.

4. The Color Rings

These color rings can facilitate conversation more than wireless phones, speaker phones, and Bluetooth gadgets. Like a phone, these rings should be worn on the little finger and thumb and placed close to the mouth and ear. These rings serve as a headset and microphone and make talking more comfortable.

5. Hapifork

Have you heard that a fork can change your eating patterns? If not, here is a fork that will help you regulate your eating patterns and lose weight. It is very simple to use and is dishwasher safe.
It even features a charging connector that is connected to a computer via a USB. By monitoring your eating patterns and taking pictures of the plates you eat from, Hapifork keeps you content.

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