5 Inventions that will take you with complete AWE


Science has been helping us throughout our lives with various new inventions & advancements. With the ongoing up gradations & developments in the field of technology, every single day is bestowed with new utilities.

We have brought to you 9 cool inventions that are really useful & will blow your mind like never before-

1. Amabrush

This is a special type of tooth brush that helps in cleaning the mouth & teeth. It has a mouth piece, handpiece & tooth paste capsule. It works in a wonderful vibrating way & helps in cleaning the mouth in just 10 seconds. The device has an iOS & Android setup & can be set on various modes for different types of cleaning.

2. Polarseal

This is a special light weight sweater that produces heat in 10 seconds & keeps the body warm. It can be used by anybody & is perfect for skiers or people who need to stay in cold weather. Both men & women can get the advantages of this sweater.

3. Vitastiq

It is a unique device that helps in ascertaining the content of vitamins & minerals in the human body. It resembles a pen that works with the help of a mobile application. You just need to run it over on your hand & it collects the details of the vitamins & minerals that your body possesses. The device can greatly help in monitoring your health.

4. The Color Rings

Wireless phones, speaker phones & Bluetooth devices cannot help in a conversation so much as these color rings. These rings are to be worn on the little finger & thumb and brought near the mouth & ear, just like a phone. These rings function as headset & microphone and facilitate comfortable conversation.

5. Hapifork

Have you ever heard of a fork fixing your eating habits? If not, here is such a fork that helps you keep your eating habits in control & reduce your body weight. It is quite easy for use & can be washed in a dishwasher.
It even has a charging port connected by a USB to a computer. Hapifork keeps you happy by tracking your eating habits & clicking pics of the dishes in which you consume food.

Which gadget would you like to own? Share your answer with us.


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