10 Beard Looks That Are Insanely Wacky

Beards are totally in trend and we have seen many looks that keeps us glued. But the gay beards have set a new benchmark for bizarre looks and we are totally bowled over.

Check out how two bearded men adorned their beards and took the game to a new level-

When One fine Day we are busy getting ready!

These two super creative guys are friends from Poland and they are giving us bizarre & fun beard trends. They have started the weird beardetheon and have fans from all across the globe!

Feels like the best way to wish Valentines!

Brian and Johnathan have been exposing their creative skills since 2014 on Instagram and we are completely blown away by their skills.

We have heard of belly butterflies.. But butterflied beards are amazing!

The audience at Instagram is loving their creative ideas and their response is unbelievable.

Delightful Christmas Beards

The posts often have a positive caption and represent humor and innovation.

When the beards motivated to VOTE!

It is quite fascinating to know that both these beard heroes have spoken at Ted x. They even have a website where their prints are available for sale. One can also get to see their videos on their you tube channel. Looks like they are all set to rule the web world.

When spiders chose beard web


Beard Fries are the new fries that McDonald doesn’t have!

These guys have the wackiest styling ideas which keeps their beard game on!

Pokemon love!

It is truly an inspiration for all the Pokemon lovers.

The Light Show!

People can dare to light the world. But did you ever light your own beard??

Grapes found a new location to thrive!


Grapes not just look lovely on vines but also on our guys! 

The beard friends are not just creative but are also positive. Their outlook towards life is reflected through the story that they have shared on the website.




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