There were times when TV news channels were ruled popularly by male anchors. But with the change in times, you can see more female news anchors on the screen. Here is a list of some of the all time favorites female anchors. You will love to have an insight into their real & reel life. […] More

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5 Inventions that will take you with complete AWE

Science has been helping us throughout our lives with various new inventions & advancements. With the ongoing up gradations & developments in the field of technology, every single day is bestowed with new utilities. We have brought to you 9 cool inventions that are really useful & will blow your mind like never before- 1. […] More

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10 Perfect Shots to Grab Your Attention

Simple moments in the life add a tint of freshness to the daily routine. And when we are able to capture such moments, it becomes a perfect treat for the eyes. Who doesn’t like to see pictures that can take away attention instantly? Share your story Title e.g.: Add Supported Services: Not your original […] More

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11 Pictures to Make You Shiver Instantly

Cold weather feels great until it is chilly cold and makes you uncomfortable. Everything seems pleasing only if the water doesn’t freeze & ice doesn’t accumulate all over your stuff. We know what ice can do to you and we have found amazing pictures that will make you shiver instantly. Share your story Title e.g.: […] More

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8 Pictures Stating What Really True Beauty Is!

Beauty is a wide term and includes various definitions. People usually assume that flawless face, spotless skin & white complexion is the definition of beauty. But it actually isn’t. Beauty comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and also includes flaws. It is hard to believe but these 8 pictures prove this statement absolutely right. Share […] More

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20 Cool Gadgets on Amazon to Make Life Really Easy

Shortcuts are something that we all like. And gadgets totally work like shortcuts in our daily lives. Many of us love hunting for such gadgets to make life easy, simple & effortless. And online shopping has made the hunting super easy. What if there were some strange gadgets that worked miraculously & you didn’t know […] More

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10 Sad Animal Pics That Will Make You Hug Them Instantly

Animal lovers know how cute & wonderful pets are. But after looking at these 10 pictures, you too will  feel the love for animals in case you are not an animal lover.  Share your story Title e.g.: Add Supported Services: Not your original work? Note the source Description Want to add referral link? Publish […] More

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6 Startling Pictures that Prove Future is going to be Really Exciting

Have you ever been fascinated by the cool technology stuff that Hollywood movies show? I am sure you have. Hollywood has always made us believe that there are many great possibilities and these pictures state that we are heading slowly and steadily towards such inventions, heard & seen like never before . Share your story […] More

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7 Exercises to Get Rid of Fat from Your Body

Getting a fit body is a full-time task that takes full fledged knowledge of your body, nutritional needs and workout methods. Nothing can help you if you lack any one of these three necessities of the body. Its important to have a complete physical knack to shed off the extra fat turning into folds with […] More

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5 Inventions that have made life better

Science and technology have proven a blessing over the years. We have always been thankful for inventions like television, refrigerator, air conditioner, but the inventions mentioned here will take you with surprise. Life has become super easy and comfy with the help of these inventions.  Have a look- Double Sided Lamp Have you seen siblings […] More

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