They say humanity runs on coffee!

Coffee lovers can totally relate with this quote and we totally agree. Coffee is much more than just a drink. It needs to be made with super perfection and the right ingredients as the dreamy taste of coffee and the fresh aroma keeps us delighted.

Many a times this drink serves as the best wake up alarm. Life becomes better with a perfect cup of coffee, but one needs to know the correct way of making it happen.

We have brought to you the preparation techniques of some of the most preferred coffees all across the globe. Check them out and you can thank us later!


An espresso is the purest form of coffee that involves simple process. Boil some water under high pressure and add some finely grounded coffee beans to it. Pour the mixture in a cup. That’s all what you need!

Cafe Latte


People usually prefer this type of coffee. It is mainly all steamed milk and a shot of espresso. Pour espresso in a cup and then add steamed milk. Swirl it properly. The secret to a good cup of café latte lies in keeping a balance between the speed of adding the milk and the height from which it is poured.

 Long Black

Long Black cup of coffee is a kind of coffee which keeps us awake and alert. It is all what you need when you are lousy and sleepy. It is an instant drink for instant energy. The perfect coffee making process involves pouring of hot water in a cup and then adding of 2 shots of espresso to it. Simple as it sounds!


It is a Portugal style of coffee. The coffee is made with a combo of foamed milk and espresso. A perfect galao needs three quarters of foamed milk and one quarter of coffee. Serve it in a tall glass and enjoy the rich taste!


Mocha is best suit hot drink for those who are fond of both Hot chocolate and latte. It simply is the combination of chocolate powder topped with whipped cream. Tasty isn’t it?


Cappuccino is all one needs to have a good day. It isn’t just coffee but a world of mystic taste. A perfect cappuccino has three layers. The first layer is of a shot of espresso. The second layer contains steamed milk & the last layer is of frothed, foamy milk. This includes one third of espresso, one third of steamed mil and one third of frothed, foamy milk. It can even be topped with some chocolate shavings for added taste!

Flat White

A flat white cup of coffee has a perfect mix of liquid milk & smooth foam. Pour creamy steamed milk over a shot of espresso and get an amazing cup of flat white coffee.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee can turn your world upside down. Its because it has some alcohol content along with coffee to make you tipsy. Irish coffee is brewed with whiskey, sugar & cream layer on top. First of all, pour hot coffee into a glass and add brown sugar. Blend it with Irish whiskey and add a heavy layer of whipped cream on top.


Americano coffee is all about the quantity. It is made with espresso and hot water. The strength of this coffee varies with the quantity of espresso shots used & the amount of water added to it.


Vienna Coffee is a combination of espresso and creamy, sugary whipped cream. The preparation procedure is quite simple and it takes shots of espresso and lots of whipped cream without any milk and sugar.


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