There were times when TV news channels were ruled popularly by male anchors. But with the change in times, you can see more female news anchors on the screen. Here is a list of some of the all time favorites female anchors. You will love to have an insight into their real & reel life. […] More

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10 Mind Blowing Gadgets that are Totally Worth Buying

Daily life wasn’t so easy until now but today we reveal some really amazing gadgets that can make life super easy. Each of these gadgets is available on Amazon & with just one simple click, life can become very easy. Check out this list & we know you will directly head to shopping- Share your […] More

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5 Fun Things that People Find Hard to Do

Human beings are capable of doing almost everything & anything in this world. Despite the possession of great minds & skills, people find difficulty in doing quite a few simple things. It sounds weird but you will totally agree after checking out these pictures. These 5 pictures state rare but simple things that seem impossible […] More

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5 Inventions that will take you with complete AWE

Science has been helping us throughout our lives with various new inventions & advancements. With the ongoing up gradations & developments in the field of technology, every single day is bestowed with new utilities. We have brought to you 9 cool inventions that are really useful & will blow your mind like never before- 1. […] More

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12 Heart Melting Pictures that will Make You Adore animals

Animal love can make your days better & brighter. Nothing seems more fun than playing with those cute little creatures who want to see you cheerful. We have collected 12 best pictures that will make you love animals even more. Scroll down to see what we have for you & you can thank us later! […] More

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8 Pictures Stating What Really True Beauty Is!

Beauty is a wide term and includes various definitions. People usually assume that flawless face, spotless skin & white complexion is the definition of beauty. But it actually isn’t. Beauty comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and also includes flaws. It is hard to believe but these 8 pictures prove this statement absolutely right. Share […] More

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9 Incredible Towers that Can Never Go Unnoticed

Humans have created some of the most marvelous creations on Earth. Some of these include artistic designs that are simply breath taking & make us wonder how difficult their process of existence might have been. This article is about such creations which evoke spectacular imagination & take our attention to the phenomenal efforts made by […] More

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12 Breathtaking Natural Places We all Want to Visit

The Earth is a fascinating planet. It has masterpieces created by men that most of us have seen. But there are many masterpieces created by Nature that are must watch places! Most of these unique places have taken over thousands of years to come into existence. These places surely look like some exceptional work done […] More

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How a day at beach can change your brain?

There is nothing better than randomly choosing a destination that has water and heading towards it with your packed bags. Undoubtedly there is something magical in these heart throbbing trips to oceanic places. The warmth of the sun, sound of the waves and the wind playing with your hair seem to take away all the […] More

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8 Common Signs that State the Detox Needs of Your Body

Human body is made up of several elements. It has the ability to process majority elements that it gets contaminated with. But there are limits even for the body. Once the contamination process goes off the charts, there are signs delivered by our body to stop the cluttering and start taking good care of the […] More

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5 Smart Phone Features that are Totally Addictive

Smart Phones have made our life easier and faster. These phones have already replaced our calendar, alarm clock, watch, TV and music players. And with the fast-paced technology, we never know what exciting & totally enthralling might come our way. Share your story Title Description Drop Images Here or You don't have javascript enabled. Media […] More

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Before and After VFX Scenes that will Blow your Mind

VFX or visual effects are the animation effects that can create outstanding graphic work literally sort of something that we cannot imagine. It is created with the imagination of the creative personnel and most of the time it has created a world different from the real world. Share your story Title Description Drop Images Here […] More

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