20 Cool Gadgets on Amazon to Make Life Really Easy


Shortcuts are something that we all like. And gadgets totally work like shortcuts in our daily lives. Many of us love hunting for such gadgets to make life easy, simple & effortless. And online shopping has made the hunting super easy.

What if there were some strange gadgets that worked miraculously & you didn’t know about them?

 Well, don’t worry! We have brought to you 20 cool gadgets that are available on Amazon & are totally worth buying. Check out the list-

Eye Liner Stamp

Life can throw many challenges at us. Applying eyeliner quickly & neatly can be one of those challenges. This Eye Liner Stamp can really help in making you the perfect beauty. It comes with a stamp wing to just place a quick mark & get that perfect winged eyeliner. Its water proof & smudge proof.

Cleaner Sponge

Cleaning eye shadow brushes can be really taxing. What if there was something that could clean the brushes with just a tap. It sounds like magic & you can witness this magic by using this cleaner sponge.

Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields are covers that encourage quick application of eye shadow without sprinkling it all over. After placing one shield below the eye, you can complete your makeup without any mascara smudges & eye shadow sparkles.

Odor Eliminators

Did you know that activated bamboo charcoal absorbs odor? Yes, and that’s why these come as eliminators to absorb bad odor of closet, car, shoes, etc. These are available in a pack of two & can keep the places really fresh.

 Bracelet cum repellent

This is the coolest bracelet that you need in case you love to accessorize. It is available in many colors and looks really stylish. The surprising fact is that these bracelets act as mosquito repellents & save you from the torture of mosquito bites.

The material used for making these bracelets is soft, nontoxic & waterproof. Sounds like a must try item! Isn’t it?

 Egg Peeler

Peeling eggs can take a toll when the egg is boiled really hard. Peeling can be an annoying task at this time & that’s when egg peeler is needed. Egg peeler is a smart tool that can help with the peeling off even the hardest egg covering. It is easy to clean & can be used to peel fruits & veggies as well. 

Magic Cleaning Stone

Cleaning the barbecue grill after a party feels so awful. Nobody loves to clean the greasy grill with dirt & grime on it. We have explored something that will take away the pain of cleaning & keep the grill completely clean. This is a magic stone that is made from heat-treated glass. It is non-toxic & hypoallergenic. It does as perfect cleaning as it sounds!

 Bag Cinches

This is a small clip or band like thing that ties the opened bread pack & keeps it fresh after every single use. The bag cinch helps to hold the packet sealed with a single press of button & keeps the food fresh from foreign particles.

Dish Lids

Dish Lids work perfectly well to prevent boiling water, milk or food getting out of the vessel. Just place the lid onto the vessel with boiling stuff & the rest is done by these lids. There are two sets of lids with different size. One is 10.2” wide & the other is 11” wide. You can even use these lids in microwave & save the mess cleaning efforts.

Zero Waste Cap

These caps assure that no product in a bottle gets wasted. It is a small cap that helps in releasing the material settled down at the bottom of the bottle which is really difficult to bring out. What can we say about this special cap? The name says it all!

Sink Caddy

Have you been facing the trouble of locating your dripping sponge? If yes, you are sorted with this super cool sink caddy. It is perfect for making a space for your sponge near the sink. It keeps the sponge clean & dry, just the way you want.

 The Smart Funnel

This funnel is like no simple funnel. It is smart and brings the liquid from one container to another without dripping it around. In order to attach this, you need to just hold two bottles with it & the work gets done. In case you are thinking the use of this funnel, try it for getting out the liquid from the liquid soap bottle.

Dish Squeegee

Scraping leftover food from the dishes is a gross task. Whatever the cleaning process may be, it begins with scraping food. Dish Squeegee is the perfect tool to scrape the deposited leftover food from dishes, bowls & other utensils. Seems like it does half the cleaning itself.

Flip It Deluxe

The Flip it Deluxe is a small tool that helps you bring out all the deposited material inside a bottle. Since such bottles cannot stand upside down, flip it deluxe can help. This tool is attached to the opening of the bottle & can help in bringing down the material settled at the bottom of the bottle.

 Wine Glass Markers

These are cute & adorable markers that get attached to the wine glasses just in case you need some company for drinks. These are markers in the shape of little guys that can easily stick to the glass & act like your cool drinking partner.

 Couch Coaster

As the name suggests, it is a different kind of coaster to protect the couch from spilling drinks. It is a kind of cupholder that avoids the mess created while you are enjoying drinks while watching television or reading a book. Just place this coaster on the arm of your couch or chair & you are all set.

Doorknob Organizer

It is a small holder that has space for all the stuff that you need to find before you leave the house. Many a times its difficult to find where you left your house keys or your car keys just before leaving the house. This small little pouch has several pockets to keep your stuff safe & organized!

Cat Paw Door Stop

No more boring door stops. We have discovered this super cool cat paw doorstop that clings to your door & prevents it from random bangs. It is cute & truly adorable!

Fur Zappers

Pets are to be loved but what about the gross feeling that you get while cleaning the furry hair from your clothes? The answer to your problem is this fur zapper which is a small disc shaped tool. You can put it in your laundry & all the hair will stick to this zapper & leave your clothes clean. These small zappers can be washed & are reusable.

Waterproof Notebook

This notebook is waterproof & you can carry it while its raining outside. There will be no more panicking, if your kids spill the water on this notebook as its water proof, grease proof & mud proof! But only a Fisher Space Pen or regular ol’ No.2 pencil will work on this notebook.

Optical Pen Mouse

Optical Pen Mouse can be used at times when you need to do fine work which your regular computer mouse cannot do. It easy to use & comes handy in times of really need.

Cute Bookmark

This is a designer bookmark that looks like a lamp. It can be used like just another bookmark but only cuter! It can be used every day to keep you stuck to your pages.

Sticky Notes

These sticky notes not just let you write points on them but also help you organize your work properly. Its simple, handy & perfect to be used by students & professionals.

Pushpins cum Wish pins

Who wouldn’t want wish pins like these? These are beautiful little flowers and do the work of pushpins as well. You can easily store them or use them to decorate your bulletin & surroundings. These wish pins can be stored in a handy dandelion stem holder. Every stem holds 19 pushpins & can be easily used from the stem holder.